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Over 15 years of expert market research in every industry

Select Research is able to carry out research projects from start to finish, and our services include:

  • Market Research Scope and Design
  • Project Management
  • Fieldwork Services (using leading-edge technology)
  • Data Processing
  • Data Analysis & Insight Mining
  • Reporting

We develop tailored and bespoke market research solutions to meet each client’s budget and brief.

Qualitative research is an excellent way to discover why people act the way they do and use and choose the brands they do.
Quantitative research seeks to discover what people do and how many people do certain things.
We understand that market research in the health and social sector involves sensitivity, empathy and respect for respondents.

Our Process

  • 1. Clearly understand objectives

    We clearly map out the context of the research and understand exactly what are the client objectives for it.

  • 2. Design research project

    We establish what data sources are available, the data flows and set goals for the research. We give clear milestones and deliverables.

  • 3. Conduct research

    We use mobile data collection systems as they offer unbeatable accuracy, better value for money and much quicker turnaround times.

  • 4. Data verification

    Select Research uses global best practices to eliminate transcription errors and increase data accuracy whilst decreasing costs.

  • 5. Deliver actionable market insights

    We have the knowledge and expertise to apply hard science principles to the research findings to establish clear, unique and innovative insights.

  • 6. Ongoing data tracking

    Using proprietary software we can continue to track data and present it in clear customer dashboards for ongoing measurement.

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