Structured Data Collection & Analysis


Market research falls into two broad categories of either qualitative ( focus groups, interviews) or quantitive. Both methods can be used together or conducted separately. Quantitative research seeks to discover what people do and how many people do thinks, whereas qualitative seeks to understand why people do what they do.

Select Research has been for the past 2 years using Mobile Data Collection System (MDCS). MDCS is a hand-held computer programme utilised on a Tablet PC or Portable Digital Assistant (PDA) and is designed to replace traditional paper and pencil interviewing (PAPI) based data collection methods. They offer an end-to-end solution from survey management to data collection.

Quantitative Research Services We Provide

Market Segmentation

The technique enables business to better target its products to the relevant customers through dividing the market into groups.

Market share/size studies

Find out what percentage of the total market sales you control and get an idea of your potential for growth.

Omnibus Surveys

Data on a wide variety of subjects is collected during the same interview and multiple clients can share the costs.

Online Surveys

Obtain more accurate information by gathering data from a wider cross-section of respondents and a lower cost.

Data processing

Carry out the collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful information.

Brand Health Checks

The Brand Health Check is calculated from brand awareness, trail, share of usage and coverage.

Brand Barometers

Recommended for clients who are interested in monitoring their position in the market as well as that of their competitors.

Retail Audit

We gather data on your sales volume, sales trends, stock levels, effectiveness of in-store display and promotion efforts, and other associated aspects using a selected sample of retail outlets.

Behavioral Surveys

Find out about behaviors that affect the physical, emotional, or mental well-being of clients.

Production of data tabulations

For easier representation, analysis and understanding of a large amount of information.

Customer Service Index

We use this index in determining how well you are meeting your customer’s needs and wants.

Net Promoter Score

Accurately gauge your customers’ loyalty to the firm using the score.

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