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Qualitative research aims to uncover insights and provide answers to a clients’ objectives through structured questions and discussion, as opposed to a numerical quantitative approach. Qualitative research is an excellent way to discover why people act the way they do and use and choose the brands they do.

Our researchers are very experienced and the qualitative work is carried out by our senior research team who can expertly guide. observe and moderate discussions and interviews.



Qualitative Market Services We Provide

Usership and attitude (U&E) Studies

Find out what the aspects related to usage of a product/service are as well as understanding the attitude of customers towards the brand.

Ad Pre & Post Testing

We test it to find out whether an ad will succeed if it is launched and measure actual results after the launch.

Focus Groups

We facilitate discussions and debates and obtain realistic feedback from opinions on any given subject line.

In-Depth Interviews

We explore individuals’ perspectives on a topic through conducting intensive interviews.

Perception studies

We can help you understand and better manipulate the perception about your company.

Product Testing

We are experts in the measurement of the properties or performance of products in relation to consumers and competitors.

Customer Experience Measurement

The use of modern day techniques to measure customer experience with your products and services.

Face-to-face Interviewing

We facilitate direct communication with your clients and allow you to obtain more accurate data.

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